Rackmount Processors

LP-21 Dual Mic Preamp
LP-22 ADR/Foley Processor
LP-23 Telephone Simulator
LP-24 Cinema Filter Set
LP-25 Eight Channel Bargraph
LP-28 Theater Speaker Silencer
  19" Processor Reviews :
Audio Media (Dec 99) in PDF or html
Studio Sound (May  99) in PDF
Studio Sound (April 99) in PDF or html

  Technical manuals in PDF:
LP-21 Dual Mic Preamp Manual
LP-22 ADR/Foley Processor Manual
LP-23 Telephone Simulator "Quick Start" Manual
LP-23 Telephone Simulator Manual
LP-24 CinemaFilter Set "Quick Start"
LP-24 CinemaFilter Set Manual
LP-25 8 Dual Channel Bargraph Manual
LP-28 Theatre Speaker Silencer Manual

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Review Excerpts


"Jean-Pierre Lafont has done his homework well. The choice of ingredients is nicely judged, balancing useful features with simplicity of use. The LP-23 delivers the goods with a variety of convincing simulations of the degradation to be expected from telephone and radio transmission. A brilliant effect which takes half an hour to achieve and longer to automate is no good. A thoroughly convincing effect that can be set up in moments and recorded on a spare premix track is just the job. And this is exactly what this unit provides."

Rob James – Studio Sound Magazine – April, 1999

"Lafont has done an excellent job of updating an old friend. From memories of hours spent using original Little Dippers I would say the Lafont design is more tolerant and rather less likely to severely degrade the dialogue. It is also very much quieter. The LP-24 may well be the answer to many a dubbing mixer's prayer."

Rob James – Studio Sound Magazine – May, 1999