LP-24  Cinema Filter Set

The LP-24 is designed to remove undesirable noise components such as AC hum, camera noise, fluorescent light buzz and oscillations. Thanks to the extreme sharpness of the band reject filters, noise can be reduced dramatically without compromising the quality of the original program material.


  • Five separate, continuously tunable cascaded filters
  • 24dB per octave Hi-pass filter tunable from 18Hz to 200Hz
  • 24dB per octave Lo-pass filter tunable from 1.8kHz to 20kHz
  • Three bandpass / bandreject filters, each continuously tunable from 18Hz to 20kHz with variable width and 60dB rejection
  • Bypass switch with silent operation to remove all filters from the audio path




    Maximum Input Level: +24dBu

    Maximum Output Level: +24dBu

    Unfiltered Frequency Response @ -1dB: 5Hz to 100kHz

    Hi-pass Filter: 18Hz to 200Hz @ 24dB/octave

    Lo-pass Filter: 1.8kHz to 20kHz @ 24dB/octave

    Notch Filters: 18Hz to 20kHz / 60dB rejection

    Bandpass Filters: 18Hz to 20kHz / 6dB Gain

    Power Requirements: 115VAC/60Hz / 240VAC/50Hz

    Dimensions: 19" x 2U (19" x 3.5" x 8.9") / (483mm x 88mm x 225mm)


    Front and rear panel of the LP-24 in PDF format, click here.



    Lafont Users Include:

    4MC; All Post; American Zoetrope; AstralTech; Brasher Sound; Buzz Audio; Bark Audio; C.B.S. TV; Casablanca Sound; Chace Productions; Chicago Audio; Chicago Pacific Recording; Cliff Schwarz Recording; Cinar Films; Creative Cafe; Enterprise Post; Flying Monkey; International Recording; Location Sound; Magno Sound; Millennium Studios; Medallion PFA; Post Modern Sound; Novastar; Olympic Sound Studios; Sonolab; Soundfirm; Paramount Pictures; Premier Post; Signet Sound; Skywalker Sound; Sony Pictures; Sound One; The Beach; The Walt Disney Company; Todd AO Studios; Universal Pictures; Virtuality Recording; Warner Brothers; Warrenwood Studios; Westwind Media; 20th Century Fox