LP-21  Dual Mic Pre Amp

The LP-21 provides 2 channels of ultra high quality microphone preamplification, designed specifically for film and television post production applications. The LP-21 delivers an exceptionally clean signal, at very high gain, with a wide frequency response and extremely low noise floor. All symetrical components are matched to common specifications until optimum performance is acheived.







Gain adjustable from 0dB to 75dB

Output Level: +4dBu nominal, + 27dBu maximum (Balanced)

Signal to Noise Ratio: (EIN / 150 ohms) 128 dB

High Pass Filter: 35Hz to 600Hz @ 12 dB per octave

Low Pass Filter: 1kHz to 18kHz @ 12 dB per octave

Frequency Response +/- 1dB: 7Hz to 30kHz at maximum gain

Distortion at 1kHz: 0.001%

Input Impedance: 1.2kohm (constant impedance)

Power Requirements: 115VAC/60Hz / 220VAC/50Hz

Dimensions: 19" x 1U (19" x 1.75" x 8.9") / (483mm x 44.5mm x 225mm)


Front and rear panel of the LP-21 in PDF format, click here.



Lafont Users Include:

4MC; All Post; American Zoetrope; AstralTech; Brasher Sound; Buzz Audio; Bark Audio; C.B.S. TV; Casablanca Sound; Chace Productions; Chicago Audio; Chicago Pacific Recording; Cliff Schwarz Recording; Cinar Films; Creative Cafe; Enterprise Post; Flying Monkey; International Recording; Location Sound; Magno Sound; Millennium Studios; Medallion PFA; Post Modern Sound; Novastar; Olympic Sound Studios; Sonolab; Soundfirm; Paramount Pictures; Premier Post; Signet Sound; Skywalker Sound; Sony Pictures; Sound One; The Beach; The Walt Disney Company; Todd AO Studios; Universal Pictures; Virtuality Recording; Warner Brothers; Warrenwood Studios; Westwind Media; 20th Century Fox