The Lafont Panoramix is an in-line,
film / audio post surround mixing console
(32 to 96 channels, up to 296 inputs),
with discrete 5.1 or SDDS panning
and dynamics on each I/O module.
Each module offers 2 line inputs
simultaneously routed to five 6 buss 
stems, plus a monitor return input
routed to an 8 channel surround
monitoring matrix.
 A 4 group film/bus (Pec Direct) monitor switching system
 and Uptown Moving Fader Automation are standard.
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Transfer Console FTC 84

The Lafont Audio Labs FTC84 Transfer
Console is a dedicated Film / Audio-Video
Post Production tool designed for use
in the machine room. Its high gain audio 
structure (+27dB) makes it adequate
for any format transfer. (Digital, Mag, or
any other analog storage medium used
in the audio for picture industry.)
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