Transfer Console FTC 84

The Lafont Audio Labs FTC84 Transfer
Console is a dedicated Film / Audio-Video
Post Production tool designed for use
in the machine room. Its high gain audio 
structure (+27dB) makes it adequate
for any format transfer. (Digital, Mag, or
any other analog storage medium used
in the audio for picture industry.)
The FTC84 is both compact and versatile, based on an in line concept.
The standard frame accepts 9 I/O modules, each carrying 2 input strips.
A 9 strip (18 channel) 8 bus / 4 monitor standard frame is fitted in a 19" rackmount 
housing. The meter bridge is located in a separate rackmount unit and includes
the power supply. Interconnection is done through 7 x 56 pin EDAC connectors - 6 for audio and 1 for the power supply and meter bridge.
Custom versions are also available on request. These include a double size 18 strip 
(36 channel) table mount version, and a relay selectable double input version for 
screening theaters.


Console Features:

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The first 8 input strips include a group (bus) output with a calibration potentiometer.
All input strips are fitted with 2 selectable line inputs, that can be sent to any
of the 8 groups via routing switches.
Each input strip from 1 to 8 is equipped with a monitor return path that can
be routed to a 4 channel (LCRS) monitor matrix.This section facilitates FILM/BUS 
monitoring of the recorder tracks. Each monitor return section includes a calibration 
The line input section includes a -10dB / +10dB trim control, an alternate input 
switch (-10dB or +4 dB), a phase reverse, a Tone Switch and switched insert point. 
The Tone Switch is used to bring a tone from the oscillator directly in to the module 
without patching. The insert send is unbalanced and the return is balanced.
The bottom portion of each input strip includes a mute switch, a solo switch
with a high luminosity LED, and a fader switch to allow calibration of the channel.
Two fader options are available - a rotary pot version for vertical mounting
or a 100mm conductive plastic fader version for horizontal use.


The Master Section

The master module is located on the right side of the console.
It includes - from top to bottom - a 3 frequency oscillator, a phase meter source 
selection (L+R or C+S), a master LCRS monitor and VU calibration,
an AFL solo level control, a headphone control with LCRS source selection
and BUS / FILM tape monitoring.
The lower master section offers a pink noise to oscillator switch, a Talkback level 
control, a talk to bus (slate) switch with a 30Hz tone insertion, a monitor level control,
a monitor mute switch, a remote access to mute and talk, and a headphone jack.

The Meter Bridge

The remote meter bridge displays 8 bus VU meters, 4 LCRS VU meters
and an LED bargraph phase meter graduated from 1 to 180.
The meter bridge also houses the talkback microphone and the power supply.


Recent Purchases and Installations


Chicago Audio Works - Chicago

Lafont FTC84 LCRS Transfer Console. The 18 channel machine room console is configured with a unique combination of switched stepped attenuators and conductive plastic faders, which are installed in a separate 19" rack. A set of custom switches are installed to facilitate switching between the faders and the stepped attenuators as required.


Creative Café - Hollywood

Lafont FTC84 LCRS Transfer Console. The 18 channel, 8 bus Transfer Console is configured with conductive plastic faders and is installed in the machine room.


The Walt Disney Company - Burbank

3 Lafont FTC84 LCRS Transfer Consoles. Two specially designed custom 24 channel configurations, one with stepped attenuators and one with P & G faders. The third is a standard 18 channel configuration.

Todd-AO - Hollywood

One custom 24 channel transfer console fitted with 4 double line input modules with monitor return path and 8 standard double line input modules, providing a total of 24 channels.

Skywalker Sound (Lucasfilms) - San Rafael

One standard 18 channel transfer console.


Paramount Pictures - Hollywood

One custom 18 channel transfer console with stepped attenuators.


AstralTech - Montreal

One custom 24 Channel transfer console and one standard 8 channel transfer console with custom relays.

Sony Pictures - Hollywood

One standard 8 channel transfer console.


Sound One - New York

18 channel 19" rackmount frame, short loaded to 8 channels and desk mounted for this particular application.