Company profile
Who exactly is Lafont Audio Labs?
The company bears the name of the french designer Jean-Pierre Lafont,
who for the past twenty or so years, has been developping audio
equipment for the  music and TV/film post-production industry.
This company makes truly high quality equipment with outstanding
specs and performance. The current line of analog consoles includes
the Panoramix 5.1 and 7.1 large format mixing board,
Esterel series of ADR/Foley dubbing console,
and Transfer console for machine rooms.
The firm also makes a range of rackmounting mic preamps, filters,
dynamics units and cinema FX units.
As a whole, the Lafont range of products shows quality of design and
construction, attention to detail and an understanding of the needs of
the market with convenient presentation and ease of use.
All systems are built in Paris and Montreal.
(Mel lambert - Mix magazine).


19" Processors Panoramix Console Transfer Console


Professional Audio News


PFA Medallion


It's all smiles around the Panoramix at Toronto's PFA Medallion.
Pictured left to right are:
Jean-Pierre Lafont (Lafont Audio Labs); Michael Flanigan (PFA Medallion);
Rob Poretti (Sascom); Wally Weaver (PFA Medallion)

TORONTO, CANADA - In preparation for a busy fall season, PFA Medallion, the prestigious Toronto based film and television post production facility, has purchased a second Lafont Panoramix film console. The console, which is identical to the one installed in July of last year, will be installed in a new room that is currently under construction at their Peter Street location.

The Panoramix is an in-line, film / audio post multi-format mixing console (32 to 96 channels, up to 296 inputs), with Discrete 5.1 Panning, 7.1 Monitoring and dynamics on each I/O module. Each module offers 2 line inputs simultaneously routed to five 6 buss stems, plus a monitor return input routed to an 8 Channel Surround Monitoring Matrix. A 4-group film/bus (Pec Direct) monitor switching system and Uptown Moving Fader Automation are standard. An optional module with access to four 8 bus stems for 7.1 routing is also available.

At Medallion PFA, the 80 channel frame is fitted with 68 mono dual line input modules with compressors, 4 stereo input modules, an HD834 Telephone Simulator, a 1,024 point TT patchbay, and Flying Faders(r) automation. This configuration will permit the simultaneous processing of 212 channels of audio.


Within weeks of the product hitting the market, major film & T.V. post facilities on both coasts were installing the new LP Series audio post processors from Lafont Audio Labs.

Skywalker Sound expanded their extensive collection of Lafont processors with the addition of 5 more LP-23 Telephone Simulators and 6 LP-24 Cinema Filters.

In Hollywood, facilities adding the LP-24 Cinema Filters include Todd AO Studios, Universal Pictures, International Recording, Ground Control and Chase Productions.

Also in Hollywood, the "must have" LP-23 Telephone Simulator was added by Sony Pictures (3), CBS Television (3), Warner Bro's, Soundelux, Enterprise 2 and Westwind Media. In addition, V.D.I. (All Post) ordered 3 LP-22 ADR / Foley Processors.

Santa Monica based Zacuto Audio added 2 of the LP-21 Dual Mic Preamps and will make extensive use of the unit's MId Side Processing capability, as will Vancouver based Post Modern Sound.

On the East cost, Sound One In New York added "the first of many" LP-24 Cinema Filters and 4 LP-28 Theater Speaker Silencers.